Over 32 Years of Unique Perspective Working for Both Plaintiff and Defense Clients

Civil Litigation Requires Understanding Both Sides

Jun 5, 2020

In the world of civil trial practice, lawyers typically represent either plaintiffs or defendants. I spent the first nineteen years of my practice as a defense lawyer, representing people and companies for litigation matters ranging from car accidents or other personal injury events, to malpractice, to hog confinement pseudo-rabies outbreaks, among many other issues. After nineteen years with the best civil defense trial firm in the State of Iowa, I decided to expand my practice to include the representation of plaintiffs. Because of conflict of interest issues, I had to leave my old firm and set out on my own. While this was more than a little stressful, I soon found that I loved getting to choose who I represent and under what circumstances I represent them.

Seeing litigation from both sides has been eye-opening.  I believe that it has made me a better lawyer, and frankly, a better person. In my current practice at Munro Law Office, P.C., I represent people and companies for, among other things, accidents involving personal injury, contract and warranty disputes, business litigation and construction issues.

I enjoy meeting and representing people from all walks of life. My current practice is divided almost evenly between plaintiff and defense clients. My work comes to me via word of mouth, so my reputation is very important to me. I will call you back, and I will answer your questions in as honest and thorough a manner as possible. While I have an excellent legal staff, I try to make myself as accessible as possible, since I am the person ultimately responsible. I have taken well over 100 civil cases to trial, something few, lawyers can claim. I have been in front of the Iowa Supreme Court, the Iowa Court of Appeals and the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals on numerous occasions. I have tried jury cases in counties all over the State of Iowa. I truly believe in justice, and I love the fight.

Mostly, I love fighting for my client. Munro Law, located in the Beaverdale neighborhood of Des Moines, is just blocks from where I grew up.  I have drafted wills and handled estates for many of my neighbors, as well as helped them with other issues, large or small. My open door policy, where neighbors and clients routinely stop in, promotes a community relationship that I value.

I am always happy to sit down and hear your story, if the need arises.